Sunset Cove – I’m Fisherman

Canadian Photographer: Rick Schmidt

I am a Fisherman!
It is not merely something that I do, It is who I am. Fishing is not simply my escape, It is where I truly belong, Where I am supposed to be. It is not a place that I go, But a life long journey I am taking. It is a passage that my father has shown to me, And I will continue to show others. When you understand all of this You will then know Me!

Regular Framing
12x16 $39.95 Retail 54187-6
16x21 $59.95 Retail 54287-3
20x26 $99.95 Retail 54387-0
28x37 $149.95 Retail 54487-7
Authentic Grey Barnboard Barnboard Frame
16x21 $79.95 Retail 54287-BB
20x26 $119.95 Retail 54387-BB
28x37 $179.95 Retail 54487-BB