The Barn Board Story


The Barn Board Story

We now provide Two distinct types of Barn Board frames as options for our pictures – Simulated Barn Board and Authentic Barn Board.

Authentic Barn Board

The canoe is framed with our authentic Waterloo County barn board cut from discarded barn siding that had been protecting local barns for many years.

(On some monitors the barn board looks brown, but it is actually a weathered grey.)  Each and every frame is unique.  Knots, knot holes,  nail holes and other inconsistencies create a very unique look to every frame.  No two are alike.

Because of the difficulty and extra cost in acquiring barn board, as well as the extra work to assemble the frames, and the additional waste –  there is a surcharge on pictures with the real Authentic Barn Board.

I have purchased Barn Board from a variety of sources, but lately have found that the best source is from Old Order Mennonites who are willing to cut the Barn Board to our requirements as well as spending time acquiring it.

I have learned that Old Order Mennonites are involved in tearing down old barns all over Ontario and are providing Authentic Barn Board to many different stores and businesses for people who are decorating and remodeling with the Authentic Barn Board.

Competing for a limited supply is time consuming and expensive.

My main source currently is from Orlan, who runs a siding company for another business man and has been able to cut the boards into the required sizes for me in his off time.

It is interesting to observe that although they drive a horse and buggy, they are very adept at using a variety of machinery such as forklifts, tow motors, saws  and computers to get their work done.

It seems like a contradiction to us, but it is just the way they do things and what they do – they do well.

Simulated Barn Board is manufactured with a MDF base and a grey grain like surface simulating the authentic grey barn board.

The Simulated Barn Board frame on the old truck is a relatively new addition to our line which provides the barn board appearance with the added cost and challenges of acquiring and assembling the frame.




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