Traveling to Gift Shows – Alberta and Toronto


Traveling to Gift Shows – Alberta and Toronto

Should we or shouldn’t we stop?  The perpetual question for a photographer. Do we have time to stop?

Will my wife think we have time?  Will she be bored because I take too much time to take photos.

But she wasn’t with me this time.  Neil de Boer, a fellow photographer recently added to Gifts From The Heart, was with me.

We first saw the old car and the trailer beside the road as we were driving from Calgary to Edmonton for the Alberta Gift Fair.

Minutes later we were finished taking pictures of the old car and then we saw this old truck on the side road.

I took this with my Sony Nex7  and bracketed it, meaning taking 3 photos and then processing them together in Photoshop and Photomatix.

The picture in reality was much lighter, but in processing the picture it came out darker and most people liked the darker version.

I like the mood and the fact that the sun was peaking through the clouds in the early morning which helped to create the mood.

The answer isn’t always to stop – but this time the result was a picture I was pleased to add to our “vintage” collection.

 Neil’s has an excellent rendition  version at

Some of our best selling pictures are the old cars, trucks, and tractors.




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